Our wands as of now are categorized into 4 distinct categories, Randoms, Number Pick, Lumified and Custom (inluding pottermore inspired).  Look below for more description.
Random wands are made from poplar and birch.  They are roughly 1/2" thick and 12" long.  I will allow this wand to pick you itself to where you will be even more amazed when it shows up at your door step.  Bringing the magic to you.
Number Pick wands are the same wands as Randoms, however you have the opportunity to break tradition and choose which number you want over the wands and know exactly which wand you will receive.  Pick the number you want from left to right.
Lumified wands are the same as Randoms and Number Picks, however the true magic shines through with a glow in the dark option.  Incredible to see at night.  This wand does have a little haze to its finish due to the Lumification.
Let us create your very own custom wand.  Custom wands typically are all about the pottermore inspired styles of wands.  These are made from the 55 woods that your wand is more than likely made of.  I will create your very own Pottermore wand for you with what your wood, and length are.  Be sure to give your length, type of wood and length. Any other custom wands will have to be discussed before final purchase to ensure you are getting exactly what you desire.